The Blog

I like to read and rant and be at the beach.
I’m trying to figure out the best way to be healthy.
I will attempt to keep it from sounding like a prepubescent high schooler.



I like to write (whether or not I’m good at it remains to be seen).
I’ve wanted to be a Ballerina, Archaeologist, Astrophysicist, and an Author. I still want to.

I like to quote things.

I do believe in rock and roll, and music can save my mortal soul.
(If you do not understand this reference, please google it right now or you may just not like the rest of my writings)

I have a BS in Physics from one of the nerdiest schools in America.

Currently, pursuing my PhD in Optical Science and Engineering.

Trying to write in my spare time, which I have almost none of.


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